Wireframe - Society Management Web and Mobile App

This app is built for Society Security and Services. According to the types of peoples in a society we divide app into 3 categories – 1. Admin, 2. Workers, 3. Neighbor.

Client: Kay Ramazan

Category: Wireframe

Date: Oct 2020


Admin – Control the whole system of security to keep it clear and healthy.

Only admin create society users with a unique ID and Password Traceability report Neighbors report, Notices to Society, Worker Reports, etc.


Worker App – An authorized person has the right to handle the security and Administrator section. Security covers entry management and Emergency part to inform and update to admin.

The administrator part covers all reports, and events management updating to admin.


Neighbor App – Authorized person have to manage neighbors using Notices, Booking, Chat, Bills and Invitation to use neighbor app.

This app handles the guest delivery boy, Contractor, Neighbors and all other visitors to the respective security.