Wireframe - Real Estate Web App and Webaite

Website with dynamic, Eye catching, SEO Friendly, Mobile and User Friendly.

 According to the types of peoples in a real estate we divide app in 4 categories Р1. Website  2. Admin, 3. Seller, 4. Bayer.

Client: Hemoro Anrold

Category: Wireframe

Date: July 2020


Website – Any user can visit the website without login in as a Guest and can check current property and area. Login person can get all details like Property, Location, Area, Price, Category, Facility, etc, and can find them using the filter


Administrator – Only the admin can approve users, sellers, and buyers and can add or remove them.
Authority – Promotion and discounts posts all required reports.

Seller and Bayer

Seller – This person has the authority to add property type with all fields mandatorily filled.

Buyer – Able to view all seller’s properties by filter or can search seller property. Able to discuss with the respective seller and buy.